Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Mr Cooper's House and Garden

It was the night before my graduation and there's no better excuse than that to spend an evening somewhere fancy with my family. 

I'd heard nothing but rave reviews about Mr Cooper's House and Garden and it's been top of my 'where to eat in Manchester' list for months.

The menu isn't for the non-adventurous and safe players. 

But for those of you who like to try new tastes and combinations, this is the menu for you! 

With celebratory drinks poured, it was on to the food. 

Crispy oxtail and smoked marrow croquettes with English mustard.

Mrs Kirkham’s cheese puffs and pickle.

Roast chicken livers, burnt kaffir purée, chicory sweet and sour.

Goosnargh duck, onions and broad bean croquettes.

Halibut baked in cabbage leaf, bay shrimp and vin blanc sauce.

Caramel tart with mascarpone ice cream (and above you'll see Delice of Valrhona chocolate, prune and Armagnac ice cream). 

British cheeses, black sesame, golden raisins, salted pecans.

Mr Coopers House and Garden was faultless.

Service, food, drinks and restaurant design are impeccable. 

I have no doubt this will remain high on the 'best places I've ever eaten' list. 

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