Friday, 4 March 2016


Poor Steph and Anna had a big job of deciding where to go for food when our group descended on London. 

We all take our choice of restaurant very seriously. 

1. Because we've got to get a good Instagram picture, 2. because I've got to get some more content on my blog and 3. because we just love food. 

I wasn't sure they would be able to top the Turkish place from the night before but Ottolenghi had something on the menu that I've been dying to try ever since this recipe ended up on The Londoner's blog. 

What I had wasn't exactly the same but it sure was close. 

Ottolenghi is both a deli and restaurant that you can find in Islington, Nopi, Belgravia, Spitalfields and Nottinghill. 

This particular restaurant had a really simple, toast your own bread, communal feel. 

The breakfast menu has everything from fresh pastries, granola, French toast and scrambled tofu (really not so sure about that one but at least there are a lot options for you veggies out there). 

We lathered our toast with homemade Nutella and banana spread whilst we waited for my dream breakfast to arrive. 

It's called Shakshuka which is a North American dish. 

I describe it as baked eggs in a tomato and red pepper sauce with creme fraiche and focaccia to mop up the runny eggs. 

Or it could also just as easily be described as heaven in a small pan with focaccia to mop up the heaven. 

Everyone passed round their plates and forks so we could try each others and I can confirm that Ottolenghi certainly know how breakfast is done. 

I wish I'd taken something home with me from the deli but the Shakshuka well and truly finished me off. 

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