Wednesday, 24 February 2016


This year Beth, Abbi and I agreed to organise each others birthday and keep the plans as a surprise until the big day.

Mine was up first and in hindsight I am so glad we decided to do it. I didn't have to worry about making sure everyone else was having a good time because that was all done for me.

I could just sit back and sip prosecco.

The girls picked me up from Manchester and we headed towards London (Homerton to be precise). 

The first surprise came in the form of a Turkish restaurant called Pivas. 

Anyone who knows me will know food, especially Turkish food, is an easy route to my heart. 

With independent restaurants like these I'd definitely recommend just asking the kitchen to throw together a selection of options.

Working as a waitress since I was 14, I know it's nice for Chefs to cook something they love on the menu. 

We got a selection of hot and cold starters (meze) to share and all you heard from our table was, 'WOAH! Have you tried that yet?' and 'anyone mind if I have the last one?'

Sorry I haven't named any of the food. I couldn't find a menu online and I hadn't taken a picture! 

Personally I finished the meal with an over sized espresso martini whilst the others had Turkish delight and baklava. 


When the girls and I were in Asia I forced them to listen to Jess Glynne on repeat. 

You could certainly say I was a very happy birthday girl when I was handed a ticket to watch her that night! 

Beth and Abbi you really did a terrific job at making this an unforgettable birthday! I'll do my utmost to make sure yours are just as good!!

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