Wednesday, 4 November 2015


I've lost count of the amount of times I've told myself I'll visit the new Corn Exchange when I walk past it to and from work. 

They've done one heck of a job on all the new restaurants that have popped up inside and out. 

I saw that a brand new Indian street food place was included in the list of restaurants to try and considering I've been craving Indian food for a while now, it was a no-brainer.

Mowgli's focuses on Indian home cooking and all the dishes are low fat, gluten free as well as garlic and onion free (so relatively fresh breath all round then).

The girls who served us knew absolutely everything there was to know about the menu which was pretty handy considering there is a LOT to choose from.

Just because Beth and I had a heck of a lot to talk about we went for the office box. 

This means we got 3 dishes and rice all chosen on our behalf by the chef.

As well as an office box, we were recommended two other side dishes (which is definitely the perfect amount for two people might I add). 

Firstly were these yoghurt chat bombs - bread buffs filled with yoghurt, coriander, chickpeas, mint and a smokey sort of sauce. 

(WARNING: don't be heavy handed when you pick one up. It ends up with a small yoghurt explosion) 

The other recommendation was their cheese on toast (I'm still too ignorant to know where these fit in with Indian cooking but my God they were good). 

The food may be onion and garlic free but there's definitely a chili kick in there (which I love) so cocktails were needed pronto! 

I went for the Chai Rum Sling and Beth had the Kerelan Southside. 

To say that was my first experience eating at Mowgli's, it was a  very enjoyable one! 

On the way home we made a slight detour into the new Home Sweet Home to get something sweet. 

Just look at them! How could you not??

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