Monday, 12 October 2015

Full Moon Party & Phi Phi Islands

When we heard the Full Moon party was going to be happening whilst we were in South East Asia we made sure we headed over to Koh Phangan to see it. 

This is probably the last time we will ever get to do it (seeing it when I'm 40 might not be as appropriate). 

We headed over on a ferry from Ko Samui, staying in Blue Marine Bungalows. 

Before the mayhem unfolded we spent the day on our hotel's beach relaxing...

...Or just playing on the swing...

...and eating.

There are an endless amount of shops on Koh Phangan to get a Full Moon Party t-shirt but if you go, do something a bit different.

Buy an outfit in Koh Samui (or anywhere else) and do something cool with your hair and makeup.

All along the streets to the party you can get neon paint. 


If you ask for an elephant, make sure they actually know how to draw it. 

Abbi asked for one and it resembled a small rat... HAHA

If you can, stay up to watch the sun rise.

There hasn't been a better time to people watch and get talking to some real characters.

Anything goes at the Full Moon Party. 

It's A LOT of fun and something I won't forget. 

After leaving Koh Phangan we headed for the Phi Phi Islands.

The cheapest option is to organise a ticket with a ferry company that takes you back to Koh Samui and then drives you on a bus to Phuket. You'll then have to get another ferry from there to Phi Phi. 

Phi Phi is definitely another party island so I wouldn't go there if you're looking for clean beaches or anything of that nature. 

Also, taxi on the island means 'man with a wheel barrow who walks you to your hotel'. 

Everything is within a reasonable walking distance so you don't need one unless you're being lazy. 

Don't pay more than 50 baht each!

I don't know that I would go back to Phi Phi but that doesn't mean I didn't have a good time!

There's a fire show on the beach every night, the nightlife is very good (drinking Jenga gets very competitive), the food is nice, there is a booze cruise and you can see the famous Maya Bay.

It just depends what kind of experience you want to get from travelling!

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