Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Mr Cooper's House and Garden

It was the night before my graduation and there's no better excuse than that to spend an evening somewhere fancy with my family. 

I'd heard nothing but rave reviews about Mr Cooper's House and Garden and it's been top of my 'where to eat in Manchester' list for months.

The menu isn't for the non-adventurous and safe players. 

But for those of you who like to try new tastes and combinations, this is the menu for you! 

With celebratory drinks poured, it was on to the food. 

Crispy oxtail and smoked marrow croquettes with English mustard.

Mrs Kirkham’s cheese puffs and pickle.

Roast chicken livers, burnt kaffir purée, chicory sweet and sour.

Goosnargh duck, onions and broad bean croquettes.

Halibut baked in cabbage leaf, bay shrimp and vin blanc sauce.

Caramel tart with mascarpone ice cream (and above you'll see Delice of Valrhona chocolate, prune and Armagnac ice cream). 

British cheeses, black sesame, golden raisins, salted pecans.

Mr Coopers House and Garden was faultless.

Service, food, drinks and restaurant design are impeccable. 

I have no doubt this will remain high on the 'best places I've ever eaten' list. 
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Friday, 26 August 2016

Patty & Bun

In July I headed down to London to meet my brother to have some belated birthday celebrations.

He'd managed to get me a present that gave him some serious 'brother points'.

No, it wasn't to take me to Patty & Bun (despite how much I love the place). It was to take me to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!! 

When he told me that's what we would be doing, I definitely underestimated just how lucky he and I were to have the tickets (considering some people sit in a ticket queue online that is over 100,000 people long).

First thing to do though when you get to London is find somewhere to eat! 

I had heard about Patty & Bun through The Londoner's blog. 

So when I turned a corner from the theater to see Patty & Bun's glowing red sign, I didn't particularly care it was only 11:45am, burgers were what we were having! 

Honeycomb and clotted cream milkshakes were first up! 

If only the glass was bigger because, I don't know about my brother but, I could have kept going! 

Not long after, the burgers arrived. 

*Hands my brother the camera to get a money shot of the burger being opened*

Just LOOK at that cheese from this 'ARI GOLD' cheeseburger. 

Thank God no more pictures were taken because things got very messy, very quickly. 

Sauce down my chin, possibly even some on my leg, all ended with a lot of finger licking and belt loosening. 

It's definitely one of the best options when looking for something to eat close to the Palace theater. 

     And if you haven't seen this show yet, but are a huge fan, you absolutely MUST try to get a ticket. 

It blew all of my expectations out of the water. 

Every single illusion was done seamlessly. It was simply incredible!  
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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Try Thai

My 22nd birthday was coming up and in true Georgina Hallgate style, I wanted to make the celebrations last over 2 weeks. 

They started with an afternoon visit from my Mum, Dad and brothers. 

We headed to the Botanist on Deansgate before the meal because I wanted to show them just one place on a long list of pretty cocktail bars in Manchester. 

We soon headed to Try Thai because I was eager to see what the hype was all about. 

For a good three years I've had A LOT of people recommend this place to me. 

It's tucked away within Manchester's China Town and you'd miss it if you weren't looking. 

Being a family that love Thai food we ordered two set menus (the rose and sunflower I believe). 

It is absolutely worth a go if you live in or around Manchester but don't go out of your way to visit Try Thai if you're new. There's better places to eat in the city. 
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Friday, 4 March 2016


Poor Steph and Anna had a big job of deciding where to go for food when our group descended on London. 

We all take our choice of restaurant very seriously. 

1. Because we've got to get a good Instagram picture, 2. because I've got to get some more content on my blog and 3. because we just love food. 

I wasn't sure they would be able to top the Turkish place from the night before but Ottolenghi had something on the menu that I've been dying to try ever since this recipe ended up on The Londoner's blog. 

What I had wasn't exactly the same but it sure was close. 

Ottolenghi is both a deli and restaurant that you can find in Islington, Nopi, Belgravia, Spitalfields and Nottinghill. 

This particular restaurant had a really simple, toast your own bread, communal feel. 

The breakfast menu has everything from fresh pastries, granola, French toast and scrambled tofu (really not so sure about that one but at least there are a lot options for you veggies out there). 

We lathered our toast with homemade Nutella and banana spread whilst we waited for my dream breakfast to arrive. 

It's called Shakshuka which is a North American dish. 

I describe it as baked eggs in a tomato and red pepper sauce with creme fraiche and focaccia to mop up the runny eggs. 

Or it could also just as easily be described as heaven in a small pan with focaccia to mop up the heaven. 

Everyone passed round their plates and forks so we could try each others and I can confirm that Ottolenghi certainly know how breakfast is done. 

I wish I'd taken something home with me from the deli but the Shakshuka well and truly finished me off. 
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Wednesday, 24 February 2016


This year Beth, Abbi and I agreed to organise each others birthday and keep the plans as a surprise until the big day.

Mine was up first and in hindsight I am so glad we decided to do it. I didn't have to worry about making sure everyone else was having a good time because that was all done for me.

I could just sit back and sip prosecco.

The girls picked me up from Manchester and we headed towards London (Homerton to be precise). 

The first surprise came in the form of a Turkish restaurant called Pivas. 

Anyone who knows me will know food, especially Turkish food, is an easy route to my heart. 

With independent restaurants like these I'd definitely recommend just asking the kitchen to throw together a selection of options.

Working as a waitress since I was 14, I know it's nice for Chefs to cook something they love on the menu. 

We got a selection of hot and cold starters (meze) to share and all you heard from our table was, 'WOAH! Have you tried that yet?' and 'anyone mind if I have the last one?'

Sorry I haven't named any of the food. I couldn't find a menu online and I hadn't taken a picture! 

Personally I finished the meal with an over sized espresso martini whilst the others had Turkish delight and baklava. 


When the girls and I were in Asia I forced them to listen to Jess Glynne on repeat. 

You could certainly say I was a very happy birthday girl when I was handed a ticket to watch her that night! 

Beth and Abbi you really did a terrific job at making this an unforgettable birthday! I'll do my utmost to make sure yours are just as good!!
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